Eastern Ontario Soccer League

Coach & Manager FAQ

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This handbook will be updated on an ongoing basis. If you believe there is information missing or incorrect information has been included in the handbook please contact executivedirector@eodsa.ca


Who is my first point of contact for all EOSL questions?
All questions should be directed to your appropriate Club Representative. If your Club is unable to answer the question themselves they will pass the question on to the League.

I have a complaint, where do I send it?
Questions, complaints, concerns, and other matters must be communicated to the appropriate Club representative. If the matter can not be handled at the Club level, the Club will pass this information on to the League or District as is appropriate.

Website Team Activation/Account creation

How do I activate my team on the website?
Team Officials will be provided with activation instructions by their Club before the start of each season. The instructions will include an activation code which is unique to each season. Only Team Officials who have been through the proper screening process, who possess the necessary certifications, and who are registered and appear on the official team roster are permitted to activate an account on the EOSL website.

How do I get my other Team Officials to appear on the website/game sheet?
The only means to have a Team Official appear on the website/game sheet is to activate an account. All Team Officials who plan to be present at games, who wish to access team information and resources on the website, and act in the capacity of a Team Official at any time with the EOSL must activate an account on the EOSL website.

I forgot my password to the league site, what do I do?
To retrieve a forgotten password please use the "forgot password?" tool on the log-in screen. If the tool does not work for you please contact your Club representative who can access you account log-in information through their Official account. Please avoid creating additional accounts as they will be deleted.

Player Upload (U9 to U12)
All U9-U12 (grassroots) players must be added to the Club section of the website by a Club Official. Player upload for U9-U12 teams is not the responsibility of the individual team.

How do I get my U13 to U18 players into the website so I can create a game sheet?
The EODSA will upload your players once your Club has entered them in the Provincial data base. Please contact your Club if it is one week before the season and your team is not uploaded.

All or some of my uploaded players do not appear when I try to create my game sheet?
If a player does not appear when creating your game sheet please let the EOSL know (league@eodsa.ca)

How do I remove a player from the website who is no longer registered with my team?
In order to remove a player you must either delete or deactivate the player. Use the "Delete Player" tool on the My Team section of the website. A player can only be deleted from the system if they have no discipline record or game stats associated with their profile. If they do, they can only be deactivated as a member of your team. In both cases the player is no longer taking up a roster spot. A player should only be deleted or deactivated if they have been officially removed from your Team Roster.

Game Sheet Creation

How do I create a game sheet for an upcoming game?
When logged-in as a Team Official, ensure you are on the Games tab and click on the 3 lines on the left. Click on Game Sheets. Select the game you would like to create game sheets for from the drop-down menu.

If you are creating a game sheet for U9-U12 game you will see a list of all the players in the age group of your team registered with your Club. If you are creating a U13-U18 game sheet you will see the list of the players you have uploaded to your squad on the website. If there are no players listed, please refer to the handbook section on adding players to the website.

Check the box beside a player's name to select the players you wish to add to your game sheet. Check the box beside the Team Officials who will be present at the game to add them to the game sheet as well (only 4 team staff are permitted). Once you have selected all your players and team officials for the game click "Generate Gamesheet".

Be sure to print the correct number of copies as outlined above.

What do I do if I am having technical issues creating my game sheet?
Begin by contacting your Club so that they can troubleshoot the issue. If they are unable to resolve the issue please contact the EOSL directly to rectify the problem. If technical issues persist or you are unable to reach someone at the EOSL you MUST leave a voicemail or send an email outlining that you have been unable to create a game sheet due to technical issues with the website. Be sure to provide your team name and the game number. If technical issues are not communicated to the EOSL prior to your game kick-off you may face a fine related to not providing a game sheet from the system.

​What can I do if I forgot to print a game sheet for my game?
If you forgot to print a game sheet for a game you must provide an alternate form of game sheet to the match official. This alternate form of game sheet must include all player names and SEOS numbers, as well as all Team Official names and SEOS numbers, the game date, the game number, and the kick-off time. The game sheet must be signed by all Team Officials, the referee and an opposition Team Official, just like a regular game sheet.

Easy options would include use of an exhibition game sheet, a copy of the team's OS roster, or an old game sheet with modified game information.

If some form of game sheet is not provided the game cannot be played.

Why aren't all of my Team's Officials appearing as options to be selected to add to the game sheet?
Only those Team Officials who have activated an account on the EOSL website will be available to select for your game sheet. All Team Officials who will be present at games must activate an account so that they may be added to the game sheet. ONLY Team officials that appear on your team's Team Roster Report (TRR) are able to sit on the bench for any game. No exceptions.

What do I do when there are no SEOS numbers showing for some of my Team Officials?
Any  Team Official missing their SEOS number on the game sheet must immediately edit their account on the EOSL website to add in their SEOS number. This is a mandatory part of the account activation process and Clubs may be fined if SEOS numbers are not input.

How do I add a call-up player for a U9-U12 game to my game sheet?
Select the age group of the player from the drop-down menu and check off their name as you would a player within your own age group. Switch between age groups using the drop-down menu to select all of your desired players before click "Next" to create the game sheet.
THERE ARE STRICT RULES AROUND CALL-UPS. PLEASE CONFIRM the call up with your Club before inviting them to a game.

If an called-up player does not appear in the drop-down menu please contact your Club to determine if they can be approved to appear in the system.

How many game sheets do I need to create for each game and why?
For a grassroots game (U9-U12) each team must provide 1 copy of their game sheet to the Referee.  The Referee will retain this copy at the conclusion of the game.  Teams may provide more than 1 copy for completion by the official if they choose and wish to keep copies for their own records but teams are only required to provide 1.

For U13-U18 games each team must provide 3 copies of their game sheet to the Referee.  At the conclusion of the game the Referee will retain 1 copy of each team's game sheet and will provide a copy of each team's game sheet to each team.  It is important that you ensure all copies have been completed correctly and entirely and all copies have been signed to certify this.

What do I do if there are players or team officials who are listed on my game sheet but who won't be at the game?
Any player or Team Official listed on the game sheet is considered to have participated in the game. If a player or Team Official is not present you must cross through their name and SEOS number on the game sheet. If you are unsure if a player or Team Official will present themselves before half time, wait until the halftime break to cross them off the sheet.

What do I need to do with the game sheet at the field?
For U13-U18 games the game sheet will be shared with the opponent during Identification check. Once that is done, hand your game sheets to the referee. One copy will be returned to you after the game, along with a copy of the opponent's game sheet.

For U9-U12 games, although the game sheet will not be used as part of a player identification process at the field it is imperative that it is filled out completely and accurately as well.

A Team Official must initial under their list of players on the game sheet certifying that all listed players are eligible to play. All Team Officials must sign the game sheet next to their name. At the conclusion of the game a Team Official must verify that all information on the game sheet is correct and sign-off on all copies of your team's game sheets in the bottom right corner along with the Match Officials.

What do the "G", "Y" and "R" columns indicate on the game sheets?
The "G" column is used to indicate goals scored. When verifying your game sheet and signing off on it at the conclusion of the game it is important to verify that the goals have been noted for the correct players on the game sheet. Also be sure to verify that the score is correctly recorded at the top of the game sheet beside each team name.

The "Y" column is used to indicate any cautions (yellow cards) that were shown by the match official during the game. If a player received two cautions resulting in a dismissal (red card) the cautions should not be noted - only the dismissal should be noted in the "R" column.

The "R" column is used to indicate any dismissals (red cards) That were shown by the match official during the game. There should be a letter code in the "R" column beside the player name to indicate the reason for the dismissal. If the Team Official has not indicated a letter in this column please ask him/her to do so based on the legend at the bottom of the game sheet.

What do I do with my game sheets after the game?
Referees are required to submit the game sheets for each game to the League. Team Officials are not required to do so but it is important to keep copies for your own records in case questions or concerns arise regarding a game.

What is a call-up?
A call-up is a guest player from your own Club participating in a game with your team. This player must be registered with your Club. Restrictions on who can be played using a call up are outlined in the Rules and Regulations.

Call-Up Requests (U13-U18 games)
Call-ups are used only for U13-U18 games. If you wish to use a call-up player in a U9-U12 game please contact your Club.

How do I request a call-up?
Call-ups must be requested through the EOSL Website. Once you have logged-in, ensure you are on the Games tab and click on the 3 lines to the left. Click on Call ups. Select the game from the drop-down menu that you would like to request the call-up for and check off the player(s) requesting to call up. Review the game and player information to ensure it is correct and click on Submit Call Up Request. Your Club will be sent a notification that the request has been made for their review/approval.

How do I know who is eligible to be called-up?
Please refer to the Rules and Regulations for your competition for a full list of eligibility. If you are unsure if a player is eligible you should consult your Club representative to help with interpretation of the rules.

Call-up rules are different for each competition so be sure to check the Cup or Shield rules if that is the competition you are requesting a permit for.

Can I request a call-up for a player from my Club who does not play in the EOSL?
Any player can be called-up if they are registered with your Club and fit the call-up rules of the competition. These players must be added to the "House league" list on the website by your Club representative in order to be available to you to make the permit request. Please contact your Club representative to have these players added to the system.

Why was my requested call-up declined?
Call up requests are approved or declined by Club representatives and not the League. If a call up request has been declined, please contact your Club to find out why. Some reasons may include, ineligibility based on League rules, non-approval from the player's coach, or internal Club restrictions on call up approvals.

Who do I contact if my requested call up has not been approved yet?
If you are still waiting on a call up to be approved for an upcoming game please contact your Club directly. Only Club Representatives can approve call ups.

How do I make sure that an approved call up appears on my game sheet?
If a call up has been requested and approved by your Club it will automatically appear on the game sheet. No additional documentation to indicate the call up approval is required. If a call up is not appearing on your game sheet please verify the call up section on your Games page to see the status of the request was approved.

If you printed your game sheet before the call up was approved please print a new version with the call up appearing.

What do I need to have with me for a player who is playing in a game on my team as a call up?
Any player playing on a call up must have their own team roster at the game for identification purposes. You can get the roster from your Club Representative.

How do I remove a call up appearing on my game sheet that I no longer need?
If you no longer need a call up that has been approved you must delete it on the call up section under Games page.

Temporary Eligibility Permits (TEPs) and Short-Term Registration Permits (STRPs)

What is a Temporary Eligibility Permit (TEP)?
A TEP allows a player registered with one Club to play with an eligible team in another Club. A player using a TEP can only play-up 3 times per season and cannot be used after July 31st.

What is an STRP?
A STRP entitles a non-registered player to play two (2) games for a registered team during a fifteen day period. A player may only be issued one trial permit to play for any one Club and can obtain up to two trial permits per season. The trial periods for each cannot overlap and Trial Permits cannot be used after July 31st.

How do I get a player using a TEP or STRP to appear on the game sheet?
Players participating in a game using an approved TEP or STRP must be handwritten on the game sheet. A copy of the approved Permit must be provided along with the game sheet to the opposing team during ID check, and is to be retained by the match official for submission to the League along with the game sheets.

Does a player using an STRP need Identification?
A player playing under an STRP needs to bring a piece of provincial or federal photo ID with them to the game.

Does a player using a TEP need a player ID card or Player book?
Yes, a player using a TEP is registered with Ontario Soccer and is required to present their valid player ID before kick-off, during ID checks.

Other "My Team" Tools

What does the "Privacy" tool allow me to do?
You can use the "Privacy" tool on the website to set whether or not a player's name will be visible to others in the statistics section of the website.

Do I need to input my players' jersey numbers using the "shirt numbers" tool?
It is not mandatory that player jersey numbers be input to the website, however it is mandatory that a jersey number be written on the game sheet. Player jersey numbers are one of the exceptions to handwriting information on the game sheet. Using the "shirt numbers" tool does save time if you don't want to handwrite jersey numbers for every game.

Team Bench / Technical Area

Who can be on the Team Bench (technical area) during a game?
Only those individuals listed on the game sheet are permitted to be on the team bench. All individuals on the game sheet must be eligible players or Team Officials.

Can a Team Official sit on the spectators' side of the field?
A Team Official listed on the game sheet must remain on the team bench for the duration of the game and cannot sit on the spectators' side of the field. The exception to this is if the Referee has dismissed the Team Official, then they must leave the facility altoghether. If you are carrying out the ID check you must be a Team Official listed on the game sheet. If you are listed on the game sheet you must be on the bench.

ID Card/Book Checks

In what games do Card checks need to happen?
For all Regional and District Competitive games (U13-U18) ID checks are not optional and MUST be carried out before kick-off of every game. This is true for all EOSL U13 to U18 games. ID checks are not carried out for U9-U12 games. Both EODSA and SOSA teams are using the same Identification this year - photos on the Team Roster Report (TRR).

Who can carry out the card/book check?
The ID check can only be carried out by a registered Team Official who is listed on the game sheet.

What is the proper way to complete a card check?

  1. Players line up at the centre of the field
  2. One Team Official from each team exchanges their game sheet and TRR with a Team Official from the opposing team
  3. The Team Officials do the following:
    • Going down the line of players from the opposing team, match the player in front of you to their photo on the TRR, noting the player name and SEOS#
    • Match the name and SEOS# to the game sheet
    • Any irregularities must be noted on the game sheet before kick-off. Failure to note issues or protests on the game sheet removes the option of protesting the game after the game is over.

You need 2 documents to carry out a Player book check for a SOSA team:

*Note any questions of eligibility on the game sheet. 

Where there is a question of player eligibility, the player concerned must sign and write his / her date of birth on the game sheet. If the validity of a player’s ID is questioned, the Referee will retain said ID and submit it to the League

Do Team Officials need to have ID Cards or Books?
Ontario Soccer Policy requires that all Team Official have valid ID. There is no EOSL rule requiring that Team Official ID Cards or Books be verified during the card check procedure. However, if an ID Card or Book is requested by the opposing team or Match Official it must be presented.

What does it mean when a player or team official is listed as "suspended" on the bottom of the game sheet?
If a player or team official is listed under the "suspended" section at the bottom of the game sheet they are not eligible to participate in the game and cannot be on the team bench. A suspended player is permitted to be present a the game but must remain on the spectators' side of the field is he/she is.

Any suspended Team Official may not be present at or in the vicinity of the field for any League game throughout the period of his/her suspension.

Game Reporting

What is the game report used for?
A Team Official from each team must complete a game report following each game. For U9-U12 games you will be asked to report on the status of the game only, and then provide game feedback. For U13-U18 games, the report will include status of the game, the score, goal scorers, shut-outs, red and yellow cards and the opportunity to provide feedback regarding your team, the opposition, and the match official.

Please ensure you are referring to your game sheet when completing your game report. This will help ensure that there are no errors in reporting.

The Game Feedback questions portion of the report is collected and reviewed by the League. Any patterns of issues with match officials, or teams are noted and followed-up on. If there is a specific incident that you believe should be reported regarding the opposition or the match official please provide a report to your Club representative who can then make the determination if it should be brought to the attention of the League.

The score that I am being asked to approve in my game report is incorrect, why is this, and what can I do to fix it?
The team who completes their game report first will be asked to input the score of the game. The second team to complete the report will simply be asked to confirm that the score is correct. If you disagree with the score as reported by the opposition please select the option in the game report to disagree.  League staff will review the score as reported by the Referee on the game sheet.

I received an email notice that I have an outstanding game report, what does this mean?
Game reports must be completed within 24 hours of completion of the game. If you fail to do so the system will send you a reminder each day until your report is completed. It is important that reports be completed promptly to ensure that the standings and statistics are up to date.

Failure of a team to complete their game report within 7 days of the game (unless there is an outstanding issue raised with the League) will result in a fine of $50.00 as outlined in the EOSL Schedule of Fees and Fines.


When will the schedule for the season be ready?
The initial schedule for the season will be made available within the first 10 days of the month of May. Regional schedules are generally released earlier than other division schedules.

Why doesn't the EOSL reschedule our games for us?
Games are not rescheduled to a new date automatically by the League as we do not know field or team availability. For this reason games removed and placed in the reschedule section. Both teams must work together and must agree on a new date.

Can I request to reschedule any game on my schedule?
Not every game is eligible to be requested to be rescheduled. Please refer to the EOSL Reschedule Policy for all available reasons to request reschedules, important dates and deadlines, and the processes to do so.

I have a game scheduled on December 31st, what does this mean?
Games that are listed on December 31st must be rescheduled. Please refer to the EOSL Reschedule Policy for the Process for Setting the Rescheduled Game Date/Time.

I am the home team for a game that needs to be rescheduled, what do I do?
Refer to the EOSL Reschedule Policy

I am the away team for a game that needs to be rescheduled, what do I do?
Refer to the EOSL Reschedule Policy

A team official has emailed me to ask for a game to be rescheduled but it is not listed in my to be rescheduled section, what do I do?
Teams are not permitted to reschedule games without approval of the EOSL. If a game has not been moved to be rescheduled, or you have not received a system-generated email notification that the game has been requested as part of the Team Choice request process outlined above then the game is not to be rescheduled.

What is the latest date we can reschedule a game to be played? 
Refer to the EOSL Reschedule Policy

For all U18 teams rescheduled games must all be played before August 21st.

If the request for reschedule is for either of a team’s last two (2) regularly scheduled games, the rescheduled game must be played before the originally scheduled game date.

Canceled and Abandoned Games

Our game never started, what happens next?
Complete your game report to indicate that the game never started and the reason why. The league will add a replacement game to your schedule if necessary. Any newly added replacement game must be scheduled by the teams using the procedures in the EOSL Reschedule Policy. If a replacement game is not needed the game will be recorded as a default in accordance with the rules.

Our game was called short due to weather before the full time was played, what happens next?
If more than 3/4 of the full game time was played then the game is considered complete. If less than 3/4 of the full game time was played then the game is considered incomplete. Complete your game report accordingly when indicating if the game was completed or only started and not finished.

Our Match Official did not show but we played our game with an agreed to alternative, what do we do?
If there was agreement before kick-off by both teams that the game would stand as a completed game using an alternative match official please complete your game report to indicate the game was completed. A Team Official from the home team must contact league@eodsa.ca to notify the league that the assigned match official did not show up and who the alternative match official was.


The EOSL conducts all disciplinary matters in accordance with OS Discipline Policy Section 12

I got a red card (dismissal), now what?
If you receive a red card, you will likely be subject to the DBR System (discipline by review) and not DBH (discipline by hearing). However, anybody who has received a red card may request a hearing within 72 hours of completion of the game within which the dismissal occurred. These requests must come in writing to the EOSL along with the request for hearing fee of $50.00. Please see below for what should be considered before you decide to request a hearing, and the steps to make a hearing request.

I got a yellow card (caution), now what?
Receipt of a caution does not require any action. A record of accumulated cautions will be maintained in the League Management system. Only once the third caution is received will there be any disciplinary action taken - this will come in the form of a suspension. Please see below for why suspensions may result from receiving a caution.

A Team Official was ejected from my game, now what?
An ejected Team Official will face disciplinary action. In most cases charges related to ejection require a hearing. In all cases, whether a hearing is required or not, your Club will be notified of the misconduct charges as determined by the Discipline Committee.

Along with this notice of charges will be an indication as to whether or not a hearing must be held, or if a hearing may be requested.

Should no hearing be required for the particular charges then the accused will have 72 hours to request a hearing should they wish. Should a hearing not be requested within the deadlines then the penalty for the outlined charges will be applied automatically.

Should I appeal my red card?

Take the Following Steps:

  1. Determine "why" you were dismissed.
    • The referee should have listed a reason using a red card code in the R column on the game sheet. If this code is missing, or if you would like to confirm the reason for the dismissal then contact your club. They will inform you of the reason provided by the referee for the dismissal as well as a copy of the dismissal report.
    • They will also inform you if the Dismissal has been passed on to the District Association. Note that Dismissals will be passed on to the District Association if the dismissal was for Game Official assault or involves issues related to registration. If it has been sent to the District, you should contact your District Association directly.
  2. Determine if you Agree or Disagree with the Dismissal
    • Once you have verified the reason for dismissal you may disagree with the charge and/or referee’s report and should at that time request a hearing.
    • If you discover that you agree with the dismissal and the referee report then you should not request a hearing and will accept the mandatory penalty as outlined in the OS Discipline Policy. At this time there is nothing you need to do except wait to find out your penalty; if there is a suspension you will be notified through your Club which games you are suspended for.

How do I request a hearing to appeal a red card?
Any request for a hearing shall be submitted to the EOSL in writing within 3 days of completion of the game along with a Hearing Fee of fifty dollars ($50) in the form of cash, cheque, or money order payable to the EOSL. The hearing fee shall be reimbursed only if the Discipline Panel finds the accused person not guilty on all charges. An accused person who has requested a hearing and fails to appear for the hearing shall forfeit the Hearing Fee.

Do I sit out from my next game because I received a red card?
Do not sit out of any games unless you have received official notice of your suspension. Suspensions are assigned to the player's next games in the system once they have been set by the Discipline Committee or Discipline Hearing Panel. Until such time that an official notice of suspension is issued, a player should continue to play, and should sit out of only those games listed on the official notice.

How will I know if I have been suspended?
A Notice of suspension will be issued through the League Management System to Team Officials and Club Officials when an individual has been suspended.

Why was I suspended for receiving a caution?
A player will be suspended for receiving a caution only if they have accumulated 3 or more cautions within a competition/season.

When a Player is dismissed for "Receiving a second caution in the same game", the two cautions in that game shall not be included in the accumulation of cautions with that competition/league.

Why did I receive a Notice of Discipline Hearing if I didn't request to have a hearing?
Hearings are required for some disciplinary infractions, in particular when the potential penalty for the misconduct is a range. For example 4-6 games. A Discipline Panel hears the case and decides whether the accused is guilty or not guilty of the misconduct charge. If the Panel finds the party guilty of misconduct they select a penalty within the range outlined in the OS policy.

I received a Notice of Disciplinary Hearing but I cannot make it to the hearing on the schedule date, what can I do?
Any party required to attend a hearing may request one (1) postponement of that hearing.

The party must submit a Request for Postponement, in writing, to the EOSL and must state the reason for requesting the postponement. The Request for Postponement must be received no later than four (4) days prior to the date of that hearing and must be accompanied by the Request for Postponement Fee of $50.00.

The EOSL shall have full discretion to refund the Request for Postponement Fee if sufficient reason warrants such action.

I don't want to attend my discipline hearing, what can I do?
The accused individual or organization or their representative must attend a hearing. 

Should an accused individual, organization, or their representative fail to attend a hearing the Club will be fined in accordance with the EOSL Schedule of Fees and Fines. As well, an individual failing to attend a hearing when required will be immediately suspended from all soccer related activity until such time that the individual requests and attends a new hearing. If an individual or organization fails to request and attend a new hearing within 30 days of the missed hearing additional fines may be levied against the Club as outlined in the Schedule of Fees and fines; additional disciplinary action may also be taken if so required by the Ontario Soccer Discipline Policy.

Any accused may also plead guilty and forego a hearing. By pleading guilty to the misconduct charge(s) the maximum penalty permitted under the policy will be imposed. For example if the potential penalty for a charge is 4-6 games, the imposed penalty following a plea of guilty will be 6 games.

I want the match official to be present at my hearing, what can I do?
Should you feel that the attendance of the match official is important for your hearing you can ask the League to have them attend - Match Officials are not required to attend unless the charges require it, so while you can make the request, unless the League deems their attendance necessary they may not be required to attend. The League Discipline Committee will make this determination.

Can I provide a written statement for a hearing?
Written testimony or statements will not be considered by the Discipline Hearing Panel. Only in-person testimony can be considered.

Who can I bring with me to a hearing?
Any party required to attend a hearing may bring any of the following individuals with them to their hearing:

Adviser - a person of 18 years of age or older who provides advise to any party required to attend a Discipline Hearing or to the Discipline Hearing Panel. An accused less than eighteen years of age must be accompanied by an adult, who shall act as an adviser, failing which the hearing will not proceed and the accused shall be suspended until the hearing is held.

Observer - is permitted to attend a Discipline Hearing in order to ensure that a specific party receives a fair hearing. Each party required to attend a hearing is entitled to have a maximum of 2 observers.

Club Representative - Each Club is entitled to send a representative to a Discipline Hearing at which one of its players, coaches or administrators has been charged with a Misconduct Type. 

Witness - Each party required to attend a Discipline Hearing is entitled to bring witnesses. Witnesses must appear in person. Written reports by witnesses are not acceptable. There is no limit to the number of witnesses but they must be able to add new testimony and the panel has the right to limit the number if the testimony is repetitious.